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You can find links to simcity 4 simtropolis forum in the SimCity menu above.

SimCity 4 Rush Hour Region
(Plains - no water, no trees) with 8 x 8 grid of Large Cities
SimCity Region with 64 Large Cities
Screen Resolution 1600 x 1200
Region Download Button

After downloading the file, save into the SimCity 4 regions folder
(My Documents/SimCity 4/Regions).

SimCity 4 & SimCity 4 Rush Hour Regions

Customizing a region is fairly easy with the included toolset. All you do is load an area in God mode (the starting mode for a new city) and you can paint on geographical features like mountains, craters, mesas and canyons. You can even add an assortment of animals to your landscape but they quickly disappear and won't become a part of your city. There's also an erosion tool that will smooth out your entire region so those stiff-peaked mountains can be rounded off a bit. All in all the terrain tools are very powerful and fairly easy to use.

You can choose a random region and customize it to your satisfaction which can be a chore if you want an interesting landscape.  There is a region creator (downloadable) that works very well. This can be used as a SimCity 4 terrain generator and you can download it here. I use it to create regions and then go to individual cities and paint the terrain or not. It's called "Simcity 4 Region and Config Creator" (SSRACC) and it's a free download. I used it to make the two regions below. I am not for sure, but this may work as a simcity 4 deluxe region download.

Using SCRACC to make a region12 Large & 8 Medium Cities

The site has a "How To" page to help you get started. It has been a beta for about six years now, but I find it a lot better than making .bmp files with Paint Shop or Paint. That's just way too much work.

The region on the left is composed of 16 large cities. This was my first attempt at cutting rivers with the SSRACC so, if you want to use it, you'll have to do a little work on the rivers (remove some land from them).

The region on the right is composed of 14 large and 8 medium cities and can be played as is. However, if you want mountains, rivers, valleys, canyons, hills and maybe some sea, then its to god mode and the terrain editor.

A blank Region with 64 (8 x 8) large cities is downloadable on left NavBar. The Folder is compressed (.zip) and will need to be extracted and placed in your " My Documents\SimCity 4\Regions " folder.

The name of the region is "New Region". The name can be changed by editing the region.ini file. Change the Name = New Region Line to the name you want for the region. Rename the file New Region.bmp to the name you used above  "YourName.bmp". That's it. Don't change the name of config.bmp.

In the screen shot below, I resized the Regions folder and Notepad for an example. I choose the name of MetroPlains for the region. Save the region.ini file and load SimCity.  I could have placed a space between Metro & Plains (Metro Plains), but old habits die hard and I have the habit of not using spaces for file names on my server.

Regions folder and regions.ini file with New Region. Regions folder and regions.ini file

Regions folder and regions.ini file after renaming.bmp and editing .ini file. After re-naming

Presto! Your new region is ready for populating.

New Region Ready