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Booster Seat Basics

There's considerable evidence that keeping older kids in booster seats until they reach small-adult size reduces injuries and saves lives... when children wear adult safety belts too soon... Booster seats raise children up off the seat to position them in adult belts properly. Plus statistics.

Ready, Set, Go Wild

This article explains what to consider before you go on your trip: The age of your kids, The type of activities, Family-focused or family-friendly?, Will other kids be on the trip?, The roughing-it factor, What do the fees cover? and more. A list of Top Family Adventure-Tour Outfitters is included.

Working From Home?

When Trish Cetrone, the president of a home-based public-relations-and-marketing firm in Orinda, California, first started her business, she avoided out-of-the-office meetings like the plague....

Adolescents: What are they Thinking?

Brain research has revealed new information about brain development in teenagers. Old thinking was that the structure of the brain was complete in adolescence, but new technology has made it possible to demonstrate that the teen brain is a work in progress, far from mature, until well into the 20s. Photo-imaging has made it possible to detect activity in a living brain and demonstrates within the function of the brain why teens often use poor judgment and make decisions that are not rational or well-considered.