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Parentbytes   [New Window] provides information and support to parents so that they may more confidently meet the numerous challenges of parenthood. Online since November 2001, we have had a tremendous response and have found our bank of information to be relevant to all parents, including working parents, stay-at-home parents and isolated parents.

The site is updated every fortnight, at which time a different parenting issue is explored in the feature article. Topics cover a diverse range of parenting concerns. In addition to the feature article, every edition contains a book review; child friendly recipe; creative parenting musing and links to other organizations and professional bodies. Other services include free sign-on, bi-monthly notification of site update, a community forum (new!) and a special section called dear parentbytes, where visitors may privately post a question or query to the parentbytes team., your parenting resource, offering parenting tips and support online; where pro-active parents come to be informed, laugh, relax and get organized.