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Story Books

LilFingers Story Books
LilFingers   [New Window]

Story Books are: Time for Potty, My Brother the Robot, Daddy Wears a Funny Hat, My Mommy, ABC Mommy &Me, Making Faces, Up in the Sky and Who's at the Zoo?

Stoybooks that use the Macromedia Flash plugin: Turkey & Turkey, Draw Me Shapes, My Colors, Bears In Bed, Pumpkins, Hearts, Purim Sweets and One Little Rabbit.

Johnny Tractor and His Pals   [New Window]
Fohnny Tractor
A John Deere Storybook for Little Folks
From a Story by Louise Price Bell
Illustrated by Roy A. Bostrom, Retired Deere & Company Staff Artist

"This book was published originally by Deere & Company in 1958. It was distributed to farm families throughout North America by John Deere farm equipment dealerships. Since that time, Deere has received literally hundreds of letters requesting copies. It seems that those who read the book as a child now want to share it with their children or grandchildren. It is to this new generation that this edition is dedicated." -[Copyright Deere & Company, 1988 Moline, Illinois ]-Childrens Story Books by MagicKeys

Children's Storybooks By: MagicKeys   [New Window]

This is a good site for young children to read or be read to. All books include illustrations that are colorful and sure to keep your child's interest.

You will find Free Storybooks for:

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Story Place

The StoryPlace Pre-school Library is a digital library where children can listen to interactive children's stories, play on-line activities, print out take-home activities, reading list and more. Choose a theme on this page to start the fun!

StoryPlace uses the Flash 5.0 (or better ) player plug-in to deliver stories and activities in multimedia and sound. This plug-in is available free of charge at

The Internet Public Library (IPL), is a public service organization and learning/teaching environment at the University of Michigan School of Information.

"Theodore the Tug Boat" is a Canadian TV series about a cheerful and friendly tug boat. At the end of each page, your child chooses between two possible story paths. Should Theodore welcome the big ship or go visit his friend? With 128 possible story paths, this site can be enjoyed many times by preschoolers and beginning readers.

Whootie Owl's web site is now recommended to teachers by Disney! and by The New York Times on the Web!

This site requires Shockwave.Your child can read, listen, watch and play.

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