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Checkers   [New Window]

Will the black or the red pieces win this time? Hint: When you jump multiple pieces, you need to drag your piece over the first piece you want to jump, and into the empty square beyond it, and then continue dragging over the second piece you want to jump, and into the empty square beyond that. Do not release the mouse button until you are finished making all your jumps. A Java/32-bit program.

Five Field Kono   [New Window]

This Beautifully designed strategy game is played on a java board. It's worth the wait for the board to load up.

Girl Tech   [New Window]

A Web page just for girls, with games and fun!

Pentalpha   [New Window]

Solve this challenging puzzle on a Very Cool board. And then, let your friends try solving it. Java/32-bits.

POGO   [New Window] is the leading provider of popular Internet-based family games, including card, board, word, puzzle, trivia, sports, classic arcade, and no-risk casino games. Since launching its family games service in June 1998, the Company has experienced exponential growth, with usage doubling quarter-over-quarter to over 33 million hours of usage per month.

Virtual Mr. Spud Head   [New Window]

The Mr. Potato Head of the 90s!

Virtual Tickle Me Elmo   [New Window]

ZIA String Figures   [New Window]

Great place to learn string games.