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On-line Newspapers      Directories

This is a list of newspapers front pages and archived pages. Not annotated.

Title Links on this page will take you to the Home Page (Front Page) of the newspaper site with a [New Window] option.

The [Archives] link (under the Title link) will take you to the archives section of the newspaper with a [New Window] option.

Most on line newspapers have weekly archives of their own (staff) articles. Some have monthly archives or more (full article) where you can view the entire article. Still more offer archives dating back to 1985, most offer one or two year archives you can view for a fee ($.65 to $4.95).

Online U.S. Major State Newspapers

Arizona Republic, The   [New Window]

Atlanta Journal-Constitution   [New Window]
  [Archives]   [New Window]   [New Window]

Baltimore Sun   [New Window]
  [Archives]   [New Window]

The Baltimore Sun Archive allows full text searching of all news and feature stories and editorials published in the Final Edition of the newspaper from September 1990 to the present.

There is no charge to search and retrieve articles from the past two weeks, or to retrieve archived columns and special features. You can also search the larger archive and retrieve a list of articles for no charge. The headline list includes the headline, the first paragraph of the story, the date, the author and the length of the article.

Boston Globe   [New Window]
  [Archives]   [New Window]

You can search the archives free of charge, but there is a fee to view the full text of any article. You must also establish an archives account.

Charlotte Observer   [New Window]
  [Archives]   [New Window]

Chicago Sun-Times   [New Window]
  [Archives]   [New Window]

"To find an article written within the past seven days, click on the main category you're interested in--News, Sports, Business, Showcase--and then click on the item marked "Seven-day Archive." The articles are displayed by date."

Chicago Tribune   [New Window]
  [Archives]   [New Window]

Christian Science Monitor   [New Window]
  [Archives]   [New Window]

Searching the archive is free, but there is a charge of $1.50 per full story viewed.

Cincinnati Enquirer   [New Window]
  [Archives]   [New Window]

Cincinnati Post   [New Window]
  [Archives]   [New Window]

Browse online editions of past newspapers dating to November 1, 1996. The free Web editions do not contain everything featured in printed editions.

Cleveland Plain Dealer   [New Window]
  [Archives]   [New Window]

Columbus Dispatch   [New Window]
  [Archives]   [New Window]

The Columbus Dispatch's free online archive contains the past 7 days of staff-written stories. Their database is updated daily at 12:30 pm.

  [Columbus Dispatch 15 Year Archive]   [New Window]

You can purchase stories older than 7 days from Dispatch's 15 year archive. You can sign up to purchase either a single article for $1.95 or an account that will allow you to access for a period of time.

This is a TEXT ARCHIVE of stories written by the Dispatch Staff. For more information about what is available in the archive, click here.

Dallas Morning News   [New Window]
  [Archives]   [New Window]

Back issues of The Dallas Morning News are available for the previous two years. The archives section houses every story and back issue printed in the newspaper since 1985. You may search the archive for free, but there is a small fee to view an entire past article.

Denver Post   [New Window]
  [Archives]   [New Window]

Denver Rocky Mountain News   [New Window]
  [Archives]   [New Window]

Stories written within the past two months are available on the website free of charge. To search for these stories use the site search engine located at the top of every page. Click here to go to home Page; Search Box located at upper right, Archives located at bottom left on home page.

Detroit Free Press   [New Window]
  [Archives]   [New Window]

Readers with complex search needs may find it easier to use the Free Press' premium search service, NewsLibrary. This service is based on a sophisticated, library-quality search engine, and includes the full text of the Free Press back to 1982. There is no charge to search NewsLibrary, but there is a fee of $1.95 to retrieve the complete text of an article online.

Detroit Free Press NewsLibrary   [New Window]

A NewsLibrary search is free, and you will see the headline, date and lead paragraph of each article. The cost is $1.95 to download the full text of a story from Free Press archives.

Detroit News   [New Window]
  [Archives]   [New Window]

Find online pages back to Jan. 1, 2000. Toward bottom of page, left side.

Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel   [New Window]
  [Archives]   [New Window]

The Sun-Sentinel archive contains articles dating back to January 1985.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram   [New Window]
  [Archives]   [New Window]

The next two links are also Fort Worth Star Telegram archives; 7-day archives & archive library from 1990.

  NewsLibrary   [New Window]

Find the articles you want in this full-text archive of stories published in Fort Worth Star-Telegram since 1990, plus get access to millions of articles from 83 other top U.S. newspapers. Stories are searchable by keyword, headline, section or date, or any combination of those fields and more. Photographs, charts and graphs are not included in the archives.

  7-Day Archives   [New Window]

Catch up on the last week in this free 7-Day Archive. If you're looking for information that appeared in Fort Worth Star-Telegram within the last week, you can find it and download it for free.

Hartford Courant   [New Window]
  [Archives]   [New Window]
The online archives are text only, and do not include photographs. You can search through the archives, but if you want to view the full text of any articles, charges will apply.
Houston Chronicle   [New Window]
  [Archives]   [New Window]
The Houston Chronicle is proud of their archives; Non-subscribers must purchase access to the News Archives.
Jacksonville Florida Times-Union   [New Window]
  [Archives]   [New Window]

You can jump to a specific day by selecting Month, Day AND Year or search the archives by keyword and selecting Year. Doesn't appear to be any charges for viewing archived articles.

Kansas City Star   [New Window]
  [Archives (last week)]   [New Window]
  [Archives (since 1991)]   [New Window]

If you're looking for information that appeared in The Kansas City Star within the last week, you can find it and download it for free. You can also search the News Library which has articles since 1991. There is a fee of $2.95 to view the full text of any article from the News Library.

Los Angeles Times   [New Window]
  [Archives]   [New Window]

Search for the text of stories published in the Los Angeles Times since January, 1985 choosing Author, Headline, Section and from Month-Day-Year to Month-Day-Year or visit their Knowledge Center.

Miami Herald   [New Window]
  [7 Day Archives]   [New Window]

Browse by section to find free information published in the last week from: The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald or use the search function located on the upper left-hand side of this page.

  [Archives]   [New Window]

Full-text archive of articles published in The Miami Herald and/or El Nuevo Herald since 1982. Articles are searchable by keyword, headline, section or date, or any combination of those fields and more.

Minneapolis Star Tribune   [New Window]
  [Archives]   [New Window]

You can search for free for articles (photos are not currently available) from the Star Tribune newspaper. Articles dating back to 1986 are available. If you want an article older than two weeks, then go to the paid archives, where you can search and preview a story for free, but you will be charged $1.95 when you retrieve the full text of an article.

Nando Times   [New Window]
  [Archives]   [New Window]

Search the complete archive (up to 30 days) or browse by section and day.

New York Daily News   [New Window]
  [Last weeks Archives]   [New Window]

Choose day of week from menu to left or use the Quick Reference Menu at bottom of page.

  [Archives]   [New Window]

This archive contains articles dating from October 1997. Basic search, Advanced searched, Search tips and pricing are located in Nav Bat to left.

New York Newsday   [New Window]
  [Archives]   [New Window]

The Newsday archive contains articles dating back to October 1985. To obtain the last 14 days' worth of stories and some specially selected older stories at no charge, use the Site Search feature.

New York Post On-line   [New Window]
  [7 Day Archives]   [New Window]

This is the seven day archive where you can browse the last 7 days free.

  [Archives]   [New Window]

The New York Post archive contains articles dating back to August 1998. This is the basic search page, click folder tab at top or use Nav Bar to left for advanced search.

New York Times - registration required (Free).   [New Window]
  [Archives]   [New Window]

A very powerful search form that allows you to search by keyword or phrase that appears in Full Article, Headline, Summary or Byline (Writer) and choose all, any or not (if word is in article, do not display in results). You can also select a publication date or range since Janurary 1, 1996, search for articles by section (default is All Sections) and sort the results. Note: Articles from the last 7 days are free, as are all reviews back to 1996. Articles in the Premium Archive ($) may be purchased for as little as $1.05.

New Jersey Star-Ledger   [New Window]

New Jersey's leading source of online news, business and sports updates from the Newark Star-Ledger

  [Archives]   [New Window]

You can browse the last 14 days free (Bottom of Page).

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot   [New Window]

"With a half-million daily adult readers, The Pilot is the region's most popular media source, and it is the largest-circulation newspaper in the state of Virginia." - Pilot's About Page

  [Archives]   [New Window]

What you'll find in the Pilot Archives: The Virginian-Pilot news stories and cutlines from 1990 to current, Select Associated Press stories and Obituaries from 1990 to current.

Oakland Tribune   [New Window]
  [Archives]   [New Window]

You can search several papers around the Bay Area. It isn't clear how far back the archives go or if it cost you to view the full text of an atricle. I assume a 30 day archive.

Orlando Sentinel   [New Window]
  [Archives]   [New Window]

"The Orlando Sentinel archives allow free access to view abstracts. Full articles can be purchased. Only the text of an article is available via the archive. Photographs and other graphics that may have accompanied an article are NOT available in the archive."

Philadelphia Inquirer   [New Window]
  [Weekly Archives]   [New Window]

Find free information published in the last week from: The Inquirer or The Daily News or use the search function located on the upper left-hand side of this page. Full-text archive of articles published in The Inquirer and/or The Daily News since 1978. Articles are searchable by keyword, headline, section or date, or any combination of those fields and more.

  [Archives]   [New Window]

Articles more than 7 days old. Searching is always free. There is a fee of $2.95 to view the full text of any article. You must register with Real Cities to establish an archives account.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette   [New Window]
  [Archives]   [New Window]

Make sure you scroll down page and look at search options before starting your search. You can search Pittsburgh Post-Gazette archives back to 1990 and purchase the full text of published articles. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette newspaper archive contains most articles from the print editions of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from 1993 to present and the print editions of The Pittsburgh Press from 1990 to 1992. The search is free, but there is a fee to view the full text of the article.

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review   [New Window]
  [Archives]   [New Window]

This archive contains most locally written articles that have appeared in the Tribune-Review and Pittsburgh Tribune-Review between early 1988 and February 2002.

Portland Oregonian   [New Window]
  [Archives]   [New Window]

You can search the 30 day free archives or search the paid archives - bottom of page.

Providence Journal-Bulletin   [New Window]
  [Archives]   [New Window]

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle   [New Window]     [Archives]

Sacramento Bee   [New Window]     [Archives]

Salt Lake Deseret News   [New Window]     [Archives]

Salt Lake Tribune - statewide newspaper.   [New Window]
  [Archives]   [New Window]

The Salt Lake Tribune and its Web edition, Utah Online offer Web access to its electronic archive, which dates back to September 1990. Registration is free and allows you to search headlines without cost. To view articles in the archive, you"ll need to set up an account. You are charged only when you select a story for viewing from the search page.

San Antonio Express-News     [New Window]     [Archives]

S.A. NewsArchives is a premium service that allows users to search for the text of stories from the San Antonio Express-News and the San Antonio Light newspapers as far back as 1990. Photos, * obituaries or advertisements are not stored in the archives. News reports from KENS-TV that have appeared on are not included.

You do not need to set up an account to search the archives. Searching the archives is free, but you will need to purchase a subscription to SA NewsArchives to see the full text of any article. Once you've set up an account, simply use your user name and password to access the full text of S.A. NewsArchives articles.

San Diego Union-Tribune     [New Window]     [Non-Subscriber Archives]    Subscriber

Access to the full content of these archives is a free service for current home-delivery subscribers to The San Diego Union-Tribune. The archives start with the edition published Jan. 1, 2000.

If you are not a subscriber, you may search the archives and view free abstracts. Complete articles are available at a charge of $1.95 each, payable by credit card.

San Francisco Chronicle     [New Window]     [Archives]

San Francisco Examiner     [New Window]     [Archives]    [Older than 1 year]

San Jose Mercury News     [New Window]     [Archives]

Full-text archive of articles published in The Mercury News and/or the Contra Costa Times since 1985. Searching is always free. There is a $2.95 fee to view the full-text of any article.

Seattle Times     [New Window]     [Archives]

The Web archive contains only stories published on this site since February 1, 1996. To see all stories published on a specific date, search by date. To find stories about a given topic, search by keywords.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch     [New Window]     [Archives]

Simple Search
Searching the archives is free, but certain charges apply when you retrieve the full text of the article.

St. Petersburg Times     [New Window]     [Archives]

Tampa Tribune     [New Window]     [Archives]

Tampa Tribune Full search of online story archives

Archives from January 1990 to the present. Searching the database is free. By entering key words and date information into the search fields, you will receive a list of headlines and the first paragraph of each story. Viewing a complete story costs $1.95 in most cases. After you see your search results, click "Complete article $1.95" and you'll be prompted to provide a method of payment.

USA Today     [New Window]     [Archives]

Search Options are Last 2 Years and All dates (April 1987 to present). Search results are limited to 25 on the basic search page. To increase the number of results or to refine your search, select the Advanced search tab.

Wall Street Journal - paid subscription required.   [New Window]

Washington Post     [New Window]     [Archives]

The archives contain stories from The Washington Post as far back as January 1977 and as current as two weeks ago. While there is no fee to search The Post archives, a fee will be charged to retrieve the full text of any article in the archives.

Washington Times     [New Window]     [Archives]

Short-Term Archives - last 7 editions & Long-Term Archives - 1990-present
You can search the previous seven editions of The Washington Times Online for free. The cost of viewing the complete text of an article is $1.95.


The Paper Boy   [New Window]

Searchable directory of links to more than 2,000 online news sources from around the world.

IPL Reading Room Newspapers   [New Window]

Searchable newspapers directory, with links organized by continent/country or in a title index.

NewsDirectory: Newspapers and Media   [New Window]

Guide to English-language news and media online. Well-organized direct links to more than 7,600 newspapers.

Yahoo! Directory > News and Media > Newspapers   [New Window]

American Journalism Review — NewsLink   [New Window]

Comprehensive news resource, with 9,000 media links, online columns and special reports.

Online Newspapers   [New Window]

Online newspaper directory with most usefull 100 media links and latest headlines, over 10,000 links...