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Timeline: Acient Rome

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Detailed Timeline Chart With Images   [New Window]

Page setup left to right (scroll chart left).

This is a Timeline of events concerning ancient Rome, from the city foundation until the last attempt of the Eastern Roman Empire to re-conquer Rome.

Contents include:
8th century BC
7th century BC
6th century BC
5th century BC
4th century BC
3rd century BC
2nd century BC
1st century BC
1st century AD
2nd century AD
3rd century AD
4th century AD
5th century AD
6th century AD and beyond
Timelines for Ancient Roman History - Saint Louis University

Adapted from the tables given by Sir John Edwin Sandys in A Companion to Latin Studies, Third Edition Cambridge at the University Press, 1921.

Dr. Goldsmith's History of Rome Chronological Index
From the Literature Network

Covers dates from 1230 BC to 455 AD with one line descriptions.

Map of The Roman Empire at its Greatest Extent   [New Window]

This map of the Roman Empire was scanned from pages 16 & 17 of a 1925 reprint of the 1907 Atlas of Ancient and Classical Geography in the Everyman Library, published by J.M. Dent & Sons Ltd. and is, by Canadian copyright law, in the public domain, to the best of my knowledge. The original scan was done at 300 dpi in 24 bit colour, resulting in a very large file of uncompressed data and 1.1 MB as a compressed JPEG file. I have edited the image to remove the blank margins of the two pages (some remnants of that process inevitably remain). During the preparation of the smaller maps and the two levels of detailed maps, I have worked with the high resolution scanned image, with the reductions in resolution applied as the final stage, to create files of reasonable size and images of high quality.

Map of The Roman Empire   [New Window]

East Germanic Goths from Gotland (Sweden) migrate towards the Black Sea. In A.D. 257 they split into Ostro-Goths and Visi-Goths.

An Interactive Map   [New Window]

Seven different selections are available to highlight map for Comparison of Empires, Expanse of the Roman Empire, Dioceses created under Diocletian, Modern Day Countries, Provinces - Territories - Tribes, Towns and Cities or Barbarian Incursions. Make a selection of which area, place or tribe you wish to see highlighted and press on the GO! button.