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Alantis or Atlantean Theories

History Of The Golden Ages, Volume I   [New Window]
by EN-MAR - Steve Oma

The Table Of Contents are: Discovery: The Lost Continent Of Atlantis, Ruins, Map Evidence, Ancient Writings About Atlantis Geological Evidence, The Destroyed Evidence, Dawn Of Time, Golden Age, Cosmic Reflections, Lost Continent Of Lumania, Lost In Time, Empire Of The Sun, Lemurian Paradise, Procyon, The Galactic Center, Migrations In Time, Crystal Cities Of Atlantis, Atlantean Science, The Empire At Its Height, The End Of The Empire, Star Wars, Nuclear Bombs Of Ancients Ruins Discovered, Lost In The Sands Of Time, From Dust To Dust and Starting Again.

Atlantis   [New Window]
New Hypothesis (Interesting notes)

Below is a paragraph from this introduction: "Plato speaks of Atlantis in two works - dialogues "Timaeus" and "Critias". Dialogue was a genre widely popular in Ancient Greece, in which information or ideas are not narrated by the author himself, but are presented to the reader by two or more interlocutors addressing each other. Such a genre is convenient for presenting differing views on the same subject and, besides, makes it possible to render the experience cited in support of the deliberations, concrete to the utmost. Therefore, the genre of the ancient Greek dialogues should not be seen merely as short-hand records of actual conversations." -[Viatcheslav Koudriavtsev]-

The Story of Atlantis   [New Window]

Includes links to a summary of the story told by Plato around 360 BC in his dialogues Timaeus and Critias, the only specific known references to Atlantis.

Theories About Atlantis   [New Window]

(Bimini, Bahamas. Article) The article attemps to answer questions such as; "What of the fabled apocalypse which, according to the Egyptians, swallowed Keftiu-Atlantis in one day and one night? This also has basis in historical fact. The trail of evidence leads to the small island of Santorini."

Atlantean Alternatives   [New Window]
Lemuria or Mu (Some other theories)

"Interest in the new version of Atlantis sparked speculations about whether there might be other lost lands. Some years earlier Victorian scientists had conjectured that a land-bridge must once have spanned the Indian Ocean, because of the distribution of lemurs and other animals across Africa and southern Asia. A geologist, Philip Sclater, had dubbed this sunken bridge 'Lemuria'." -[]-