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Egyptian Mummies

An essay by Dr. Zahi Hawass, Director of the Giza Pyramids and Saqqara, Undersecretary of the State for the Giza Monuments. Tour Egypt is an official website of The Egyptian Ministry of Toureism. If you are looking for information on mummies or anything Egypt, you'll probably find it here. This is a very large website which you'll see if you visit their [Site Map] page.

The basics of Egyptians mummies are covered here

The Discovery of The Valley of the Golden Mummies at Bahariya Oasis. "A Festival of Mummies was discovered recently by an Egyptian team at Bahariya Oasis, located about 380 km west of the pyramids. Four tombs were excavated, and found inside them were 105 mummies, many of them beautifully gilded. These mummies, many sumptuously decorated with religious scenes, represent the very best of Roman-Period mummies ever found in Egypt. These ancient remains are around 2000 years old, but they have withstood the test of time remarkably well..."

Ancient Mayor's Tomb, 102 Mummies Found in Egypt. "Egyptian archaeologists said they had uncovered the tomb of a powerful but enigmatic Pharaonic ruler and 102 Greco-Roman mummies, some wearing gold masks."

Background information on; "The methods of embalming, or treating the dead body, that the ancient Egyptians used is called mummification. Using special processes, the Egyptians removed all moisture from the body, leaving only a dried form that would not easily decay."

A 1997 Article: Nearly fifty Egyptian mummies have been "busted" for drug use by forensic investigators. "It's, like, a total bummer, dude, but scientists in Germany and Britain have recently tested Egyptian mummies for substance abuse. Although urine samples were in short supply, King Tut's drug test still turned up positive for cocaine and nicotine."

"The University of Chicago had an early association with the royal mummies, albeit an indirect one.."

Information, images and movies. "One of the most spectacular artifacts housed at the World Heritage Museum at the University of Illinois in Urbana is this mummy acquired in 1989 from a Chicago antiquities dealer. Unlock its secrets with the help of modern medical imagery, a supercomputer, and an archeologist."

Cases of Mistaken Identities? "One of lifes uncertainties is the correct identification of the ancient human remains known collectively as the Royal Mummies of Egypt. Shortly after the discovery of the first group in 1881, there was already some confusion over who was who. The individual now no longer regarded as even 'possibly'." -[Book excerpt; 1999]-

By the 'Catalogue General Antiquites - Egyptiennes du Musee du Caire'. With several images.

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