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                by J. Stephen Lang

Earth Change Maps | Miscellaneous Prophecies

Biblical & Miscellaneous Prophecies

Israel's doomsday works out to 5878 Israel chronology -- that's 2117 or 2118 general chronology; and why Madonna is the pivotal human in history.

Wormwood Prophecies   [New Window]
How An Islamist Attack on Chernobyl Could Start WWIII
YOWUSA.COM, March 18, 2002
Janice Manning

"One of the best-known prophets of Old Testament times was Ezekiel. In Chapter 38 of his book, he predicted two major disasters that would come at a time of sudden war in Israel, deemed the beginning of the End Times. Later, John, the Apostle gave one of these disasters a name; he called it Wormwood....."

Aka, spiritual messengers of God, prophesy and give guidance, speaking through all time and planes, in the preparation for the coming of the Messiah. Teachings include the beginning, origins of man, of religions, Atlantis, great pyramid, Cherubim, covenants, prophecies through many throughout time, the cheribum, Council of 13, the Messiah, a new heaven and a new earth, 1000 years of peace, enlightenment, dreams, past lives, reincarnation, healing of body, soul and spirit, and more.

"The Apocalypse - The Book of Revelation, the last book of the Bible, is the point at which all the prophecies of the ages converge and find their ultimate fulfillment..." -[Welcome To The Good News Ministry And Missions Outreach]-

A resource of and about historicist prophetic writings.

A list of 23 chapter files followed by a list of special subject research papers. This is an independent research project on Bible time prophecies. Set within a 50,000 year Jubilee time cycle with evidence of the last 8,000 years of the 50,000 year cycle being a developing 8,000 year Kingdom time plan. Its centre date fixed the year of Christ's death. The entire plan pivots on this year.

Insights on the prophecies, the signs and signals that speak to the significance of these times. A wide range of insights on prophecy from ancient and modern prophets; Nostradamus, the Bible, Hopi, Egyptian and Mayan prophecies and much more.

Can you answer the question; "Why has Mary appeared in the last 50 years more than in the last 2000 years?"

"While the Blessed Virgin Mary has appeared to individuals and groups since 40 A.D., now we are seeing an unprecedented increase in the number, frequency and scope of these events." -[Global Psychics Inc.]-

Earth Change Maps

Earth Changes TV shows maps of the future created by famous prophets and futurists.

"There have been many maps that have come up about the great world changes to come. Each of the maps is different, some totally differ from the others. Which is the right one? Is there a right one at all?" -[]-

Miscellaneous Native Peoples Prophecies

Mayan Indian prophets and prophecies indexed in alphabetical order.

The Moons of Saturn

From "Travels in a Stone Canoe: The Return to the Wisdomkeepers " by Harvey Arden and Steve Wall.

"The earth is like an animal. When an animal's sick, it wiggles and twitches. And just before it dies it shakes even harder, it shakes all over. That's what we call the earthquake and the volcano and the hurricane. Yes, its already starting to happen. And it'll get worse -- you'll see! The world is wiggling and twitching and shaking just before it dies!"

He continued: "The Creator told us there will be three signs just before the world ends. The first sign, he said, is that we would lose our language. And already our young people can't speak the old language anymore....." -[Earth Mother Crying]-

A journal of Prophecies of Native Peoples Worldwide. This site is part of a web ring with several links to articles on prophecies. Scroll to bottom of page for other sites that are a part of this web ring.

When Captain Cook arrived in the Hawaiian Islands, his ship was resplendent with the symbol of Lono. Cook's ship had sailed around the islands in a clockwise direction, the same direction the symbol of Lono was carried through the islands during the Makahiki. Cook then sailed into Kealakekua (short for Keala ke Akua, meaning The Way of God ) Bay, an area considered sacred to Lono. No wonder the Hawaiians believed him to be Lono!..... -[Earth Mother Crying]-
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