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Maori Prophecies

"Every country has its original people, for America it is the Native Americans, for Australia it is the Aboriginals, for New Zealand it is the Maori. What do these people all have in common? They are spiritually gifted, closely knit people who generally keep to themselves, share their tribal prophesies with very few outsiders and generally lead simpler lives closely tied to the Earth."

"In the New Testament, Jesus told the disciples to wait in Jerusalem until they received power from God and take the message to the uttermost part of the Earth," said Norm McLeod, pastor of the pentecostal Elim Church here. "The uttermost nation from Jerusalem is New Zealand. And Gisborne is the uttermost city -- I feel it has spiritual significance."

"Despite its pull for Christians, Gisborne has retained the strongest expression of pre-European-Maori culture in New Zealand."

"Legends and prophecy these things may be, but in many details they are an uncanny match with scientific theories about the past and expectations for the immediate future. The terminology is different, but both the Maori and modern scientific descriptions relate to the same events, except that it is science which is the late starter and the slow learner. Consider for example how 20th Century scientists were surprised to find that the Dogon tribe of Africa knew without the aid of radio telescopes of the existence of Sirius B (the Dog Star), and also speak of "space brothers" from that system who have visited and taught them many things. While scientists were finally forced to accept the existence of Sirius B when they confirmed its existence with their instruments, they still refuse to allow that the rest of the Dogon "legend" is equally valid."

"In New Zealand and in particular among the Maori, a prophet well known throughout New Zealand (Mr Alexander Phillips) began his work by attending to those who were less fortunate or to those that the medical profession could not help. In 1953 he established a small clinic in a country town known as Te Kuiti. He named his clinic the 'Surgery'. Many thousands of people from throughout New Zealand and other countries came for his assistance, advice and fellowship. During his clinical appointments whether it be on a one to one or a group of people, he would talk of the missing link being the key to Heaven and Earth, and that the missing link is known as the MOTHER who is the most compassionate, the most forgiving of all of Gods gifts in Gods entire creation. In doing his work, Mr Phillips also set a precedent which many Churches challenged and that is by placing the MOTHER between the FATHER and SON, making change to the HOLLY TRINITY become four, THE FATHER, MOTHER, SON AND HOLY SPIRIT....."

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