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Major advances in understanding of the physical world have been achieved during the past century by focusing on apparent contradictions between well-established theoretical structures. In each case the reconciliation required a better theory, often involving radical new concepts and striking experimental predictions.

Four major advances of this type are indicated in Figure 1. [1] These advances were the discoveries of special relativity, quantum mechanics, general relativity, and quantum field theory. Let us briefly recall the contradictions that each of these resolved and some of the experimental confirmations that followed.

"So what is string theory? For that matter, what the heck are elementary particles? If this all sounds totally confusing, try this section first."

This site attempts to answer the question; "what kinds of math do string theorists use and why? And how has string theory changed mathematics?", "Was there a String Bang before the Big Bang, or did the Universe simply unwind?", "What progress are physicists making towards experimental tests of string theory predictions?", Black Holes and more.

Below is an excerpt from by Bernard Haisch;

"It has been thought that 90 percent of the matter in the Universe must consist of dark matter. But the extradimensional ideas of modern superstring and M-brane theory have begun to open yet another possibility: that there is no dark matter within our Universe after all; rather that the gravitational force of matter in adjacent membrane-universes is spreading out and spilling over into our universe. In other words, entire other universes might exist a tiny fraction of an inch away from our Universe in one or more extra dimensions. We cannot see these universes because their photons of light are stuck to their membrane-universe just like our photons are stuck to our membrane-universe, but gravitational forces can reach from one membrane-universe to another."

"Superstring theory resolves the most enigmatic problem of twentieth century theoretical physics: the mathematical incompatibility of the foundational pillars of quantum mechanics and the General Theory of Relativity. In doing so, string theory modifies our understanding of spacetime and the gravitational force. One recently discovered consequence of this modification is that spacetime can undergo remarkable rearrangements of its basic structure requiring the fabric of spacetime to tear apart and subsequently reconnect. Such processes are at best unlikely and probably impossible in pre-string theories as they would be accompanied by violent physical effects. In string theory, on the contrary, these processes are physically sensible and thoroughly common."

Story (article) from MSNBC - "Simply put, superstring theory says that all particles and forces are manifestations of different resonances of tiny one-dimensional strings (or possibly membranes) vibrating in ten dimensions"

Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP)

"The phenomenological aspects of string theory are briefly reviewed emphasizing the different perspectives before and after 1995. In particular the brane-world scenario, which is currently under intense investigation, is briefly introduced. The presentation is at an elementary level in order to cover most of the material and to hopefully make it understandable to a wider community."

"Superstring theory is regarded by some in the scientific community as a candidate for the Grand Unified Theory while to others, its not provable and therefore not worth discussing. The search for the Grand Unified Theory began with Albert Einstein. Einstein believed that there was one cause, one reason, for all four of our presently accepted forces of nature gravitational force, electromagnetic force, strong nuclear force, and weak nuclear force. He died searching for it and, tragically, considered himself to be a failure for not finding it." -[jeff_thornton]-

Read the first 50 pages of Self-Inflicted: A Metaphysical Thriller for Free!!

by John M. Pierre

This is an online introduction to superstring theory, which is the leading candidate for the theory of all fundamental interactions in the universe.

"Superstring theory - known less formally as "string theory" - is sometimes called the theory of everything (TOE), because it is a unifying physics theory that reconciles the differences between quantum theory and the theory of relativity to explain the nature of all known forces and matter. According to string theory, at the most microscopic level, everything in the universe is made up of loops of vibrating strings, and apparent particle differences can be attributed to variations of vibration. An object (such as an apple, for example) and a force (such as radiation, for example) can both be broken down into atoms, which can be further broken down into electrons and quarks, which can be, finally, broken down into tiny, vibrating loops of strings." -[TechTarget]-


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