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These search services cover subjects such as; classical Greek and Latin texts, antiquity, ancient and medieval worlds, art and archaeology, encyclopedia, image captions, and bibliography

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Although most people know of the Seven Ancient World Wonders, very few can name them. A list of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World was originally documented around the second century BC.

The first seven listings below are the Seven Ancient Wonders. Following these are other sites with information and/or pictorials about ancient wonders. Following these are Modern Wonders of the World.

An interactive map of the Seven World Wonders. Click on one of the wonders to get more information. There are also links to the modern and the forgotten wonders.

The Great Pyramid is only Wonder which does not require a description by early historians and poets. It is the one and only Wonder that does not need speculations concerning its appearance, size, and shape. It is the oldest, and the only Wonder to survive.....or is it?

"The beauty of the Mausoleum is not only in the structure itself, but in the decorations and statues that adorned the outside at different levels on the podium and the roof. These were tens of life-size as well as under and over life-size free-standing statues of people, lions, horses, and other animals." -[Alaa K. Ashmawy]-

"Fruits and flowers... Waterfalls... Gardens hanging from the palace terraces... Exotic animals... This is the picture of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in most people's minds. It may be surprising to know that they might have never existed except in the minds of Greek poets and historians!" -[Alaa K. Ashmawy]-

The ancient Greek calendar starts in 776 BC, for the Olympic games are believed to have started that year. The magnificent temple of Zeus was designed by the architect Libon and was built around 450 BC. Under the growing power of ancient Greece, the simple Doric-style temple seemed too mundane, and modifications were needed. The solution: A majestic statue. -[Alaa K. Ashmawy]-

Is it simply a temple? How could it take its place among other unique structures such as the Pyramid, the Hanging Gardens, and the Colossus of Rhodes? For the people who actually visited it, the answer was simple. It was not just a temple... It was the most beautiful structure on earth... -[Alaa K. Ashmawy]-

The construction of the Colossus took 12 years and was finished in 282 BC. For years, the statue stood at the harbor entrance, until a strong earthquake hit Rhodes about 226 BC. The city was badly damaged, and the Colossus was broken at its weakest point...-[Alaa K. Ashmawy]-

Of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, only one had a practical use in addition to its architectural elegance: The Lighthouse of Alexandria. For sailors, it ensured a safe return to the Great Harbor. For architects, it meant even more: it was the tallest building on Earth.

By Herodotus; Written 440 B.C.E; Translated by George Rawlinson

Most people know of the Seven World Wonders, only few can name them. "The list of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World was originally compiled around the second century BC."

The History of Herodotus has been divided into sections:

   Book I  [299k]    Book II  [249k]    Book III  [221k]    Book IV  [230k]    Book V  [162k]    Book VI  [174k]    Book VII  [286k]    Book VIII  [179k]    Book IX  [168k]

The Seven World Wonders of the Ancient World has a short Overview with detailed references. Click on the top images to visit the ancient wonders pages or use the imbedded links within the overview.

A virtual tour of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. A quick overview only.

Modern World Wonders

The information below is taken from 'the Reader's Digest Book of Facts. With no formal list of wonders of the modern world, the editors of Reader's Digest selected the following:

   The Taj Mahal
   The Great Wall of China
   The Easter Island Statues
   The Eiffel Tower
   The Mayan City of Tikal, Central America
   The Space Shuttle
   Chartres Cathedral

"For the Millennium Challenge, ASCE canvassed its members in late 1999 to determine the 10 civil engineering achievements that had the greatest positive impact on life in the 20th century. Rather than individual projects, they chose to recognize broad categories of achievements."

ASCE's members ranked the 10 greatest civil engineering achievements as: Airport Design And Development, Dams, The Interstate Highway System, Long-Span Bridges, Rail Transportation, Sanitary Landfills/Solid Waste Disposal, Skyscrapers, Wastewater Treatment, Water Supply and Distribution and Water Transportation.

Search Engines

This is an encyclopedia on mythology, folklore, legends, and more. It contains over 6000 definitions of gods and goddesses, supernatural beings and legendary creatures and monsters from all over the world. You can browse the encyclopedia [] or search for articles []

This tool uses keywords and phrases to help you locate a subject within the Perseus library, combining terms from the art and archaeology catalogs, primary and secondary texts, encyclopedia, image captions, and bibliography. There are also Greek and Latin Searching Tools, Art and Archaeology Searching Tools.

"The Oracle of Loxias is an unusual web site in Bedford, England, where the webmaster not only provides links to classical Greek and Latin texts but, even more importantly, where a scholar answers your questions on antiquity -- across oceans and time zones (free of charge!)

Argos is the first peer-reviewed, limited area search engine (LASE) on the World-Wide Web. It has been designed to cover the ancient and medieval worlds. Quality is controlled by a system of hyperlinked internet indices which are managed by qualified professionals who serve as the Associate Editors of the project. -[University of Evansville]-

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