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The services below are designed primarily to serve the needs of children, either in focus, or by filtering out sites that some parents and teachers might find inappropriate for kids. These usually include sites that deal with explicit sexual matters, porn sites, violence, hate speech, gambling and drug use.

Filtered search engines allow you to search the entire web rather than just through a handpicked selection of kid-safe sites. Results are then filtered to remove possibly objectionable material.

Search Engines

Internet Public Library (ipl2)

"ipl2 is a public service organization and a learning/teaching environment. To date, thousands of students and volunteer library and information science professionals have been involved in answering reference questions for our Ask an ipl2 Librarian service and in designing, building, creating and maintaining the ipl2's collections. It is through the efforts of these students and volunteers that the ipl2 continues to thrive to this day."1 in NOT associated with either Google or Yahoo! They simply use the Google COOP custom search engine (CSE) program which is then feed through Google SafeSearch, plus they have filtered out many more keywords and harmful/spyware websites. "We have looked at the many Kids search engines across the internet and looked at their features and limitations and tried to come up with a simple but complete NEW search engine for kids."3 A list of features that sets GoGooligans apart from the others can be found here.


"Safe Search Kids: Trusted by teachers, used by schools across the country and around the world. This website is not endorsed by, nor is it directly affiliated with Google. We provide search results with safe search activated in accordance with Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) polices."2


"KidzSearch has special sections that kids enjoy, like Homework Help where students can ask and answer school questions in a safe monitored environment, KidzSearch News with interesting thought provoking daily stories and videos designed to get kids thinking, and our popular Top Sites guide that has all the best free educational learning sites presented in a fun and interactive format."4

Go to FactMonster
Atlas Almanac Dictionary Encyclopedia

"Parents need to know that this well-organized, kid-friendly mega resource is the place to go for fun facts and homework help. It's brought to you by educational professionals, so no need to worry about the content. The multiple ads per page are the only annoying thing to be found."5


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