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You shouldn't look for news using "normal" search services. You'll find the services below to be a much better way to search for the latest news stories from hundreds of sources on the web. These services provide exceptionally good results for current event searching, because they crawl only news sites regulary. Thus, the results are usually focused and timely.

The table below lists a few of the top news search services in frequency of update order.
Ranking of News Search Engines by Frequency
Search Engine Coverage Source Frequency
Northern Light News ? Now a free service ---
Lycos News Search ? Editors picks--Totally restructured. ?
AltaVista News 2 weeks Yahoo Hour
News Index Week Many news Web sites Hour
TotalNEWS: Year 100s of news Web sites Hours
Excite News Months Discontinued 4 times/day

News Search Services

"Google News presents information culled from approximately 4,000 news sources worldwide and automatically arranged to present the most relevant news first. Topics are updated continuously throughout the day, so you will see new stories each time you check the page. Google has developed an automated grouping process for Google News that pulls together related headlines and photos from thousands of sources worldwide -- enabling you to see how different news organizations are reporting the same story. You pick the item that interests you, then go directly to the site which published the account you wish to read." -[2002 Google]-

Moreover   [New Window]

Search or browse this news site that gathers headlines from over 1500 sources, then groups them into nearly 300 newsfeeds. It's one stop shopping for virtually any area of interest.

News Index   [New Window]

Founded in April 1996, News Index is probably the original and oldest site for finding information on current stories. They index news sources from around the world. Stated on the News Index Help Page, "News Index, News Index Delivered and the News Index Customizable Ticker are KEYWORD based products. You should think of searching like you would in the index of a book. Searches and settings are NOT topic based".

Lycos News   [New Window]

Terra Lycos news search service was once HotBot's news-only search service. Fortified with Wired News which launched in November 1996 and quickly rose to become an essential source for daily news and analysis of the technologies, companies, and people driving the information age.(12/01/01) Now has a face lift; none of the above may apply.

Northern Light's Current News   [New Window]

With a searchable 2-week archive of real-time news from 56 continuously updated newswires, Northern Light is a leading research engine. Information in their index is gathered from various news sources, such as the Associated Press and Business Wire. Content is constantly refreshed throughout the day. Options include the ability to sort news by date or relevance, and to narrow searches to within predefined categories and timespans.

NewsHub   [New Window]

NewsHub is a unit of VPOP Technologies, Inc, Redondo Beach, Ca. NewsHub integrates and reports headlines from the world's premiere news sources every 15 minutes.

InfoGrid   [New Window]

InfoGrid consolidates popular news and information from over 1800 news sources, 12 top internet search engines, 14,000 direct-links, 2.5 million Open Directory links, 35,000 usenet news forums, top internet auctions and vendors without advertising. Search box is in middle of page.

NewsTrawler   [New Window]

NewsTrawler is a Parallel Search Engine for news on the Internet. Search for articles from the archives of hundreds of online news, magazine and journal sources from around the world. It allows you to send a query to one or more news sites from one location. Hundreds of sites are listed, by country and by category.

NewsNow   [New Window]

NewsNow Publishing Limited was conceived by journalists Struan Bartlett, Nick Gilbert and Ken Young in September 1997. You can get news from around the world with Five minute updates. They are the first news aggregation web site dedicated to a UK audience.

1stheadlines   [New Window]

A news search service by Rentz Data Systems. Search headlines containing the word you choose or click on a topic such as State, current, general, metro news, US politics or international.

InfoJump   [New Window]

InfoJump is an article search engine that indexes electronic periodicals and online versions of print publications. It provides faster and more relevant results because it focuses on indexing selected periodicals. InfoJump's database consists of 5 million articles, increasing at the rate of 10,000 articles per day. The article index is always up-to-date because InfoJump continuously captures the latest updates to approximately 4,000 periodicals that are listed in its database.

TotalNEWS   [New Window]

TotalNEWS is a search engine and directory of news sites designed to increase your access to information.

Regional News Search Engines

Paperball   [New Window]

A site produced by the German Fireball search service, Paperball lets you search for German news.

NewsNow   [New Window]

Search up to 30 days worth of headlines from nearly 150 news sources. Especially aimed at UK users.

AltaVista Canada - Canadian News Index   [New Window]

AltaVista's Canadian News Index gathers information from over 300 Canadian news sources daily. To use the service, simply select the appropriate option on the AltaVista Canada homepage. It appears just above the search box.

Inside China Today   [New Window]

The European Internet Network, (EIN) was launched in 1995 and is one of Europe's fastest-growing Internet publishing companies. EIN publishes three award-winning daily news and information sites,, and

EVERG Regional News Index OPAC Mainmeu   [New Window]

An index of Newspaper Articles; this index does not include the full contents of any periodical. You will find citations to articles, not the full text. It is selective, meaning stories are indexed ONLY if they have a Pacific Northwest region, Washington State or local focus.

News Directories

A comprehensive world wide listings of newspapers, radio and tv stations.

Options for tracking news about the USA disaster of 11 September 2001. Archived as news. Site tracks options on main news events.

One of the most famous news directories online.

Directory of all news sources, state by state, country and continent.

24 hours updated news directory. A page that links to top news site on web.

Links newspapers, magazines, news agencies, and other news providers worldwide.

Listing of news links. Sorted by world, country, state, and topic.

The famous Drudge - Links to many online news sources.

Daily Coverage of the Newspaper and Online News Industries, including a comprehensive online media database.

Direct links to news wires, newspapers, magazines, and topical news worldwide.

Links to sources for gossip, tabloids, news, politics, sports, music, movies, and current events.

Links to news & events sites for national and international news as well as local news for select cities.

Hundreds of resources can be reached via this one page site. News links and tickers,newspapers, web news sites, specialty news sites and more.

Site that covers tons of news sources, news links, worldwide. (portal).

Headlines and links to news magazines and newspapers from around the world. Focus on hot spots in the world today. Regular editorial comment included. Free classifieds and free internet marketing tips and tools.

A Directory edited and maintained by Professor Wayne A. Selcher with annotated links to News Search Engines, News Sources and News Indexes

Lists hundreds of news resources from around the world. Maintained by the Walter Clinton Jackson Library at the University of North Carolina.

Latest world news from wires services, newspapers, radio, TV, columnists, and other sources. Search headlines or article text of AP or UPI news. Chat and discussion groups.

Links to more than 13,000 media sources worldwide, organized by continent, with more than 6,500 from the USA. Searchable in eight languages.

Links to news sources related to e-commerce, internet, marketing, stocks, and business.

Personal website dedicated to international news and current events. Includes extensive collection of links to both mainstream and alternative news sources and search engines.

Extensive searchable, categorized collection of direct links to magazines, newspapers, and US television stations.

Metagrid   [New Window]

Newspapers and Magazines worldwide, including newspaper and magazine search engine.

Links to aprox 5500 newspapers worldwide.

Outstanding source of news around the world, from the local perspective. More than 300 news headlines per day are sorted by country (18) or region (Africa, Europe, Middle East, South America). Reports from all the major news services and networks are included; click for full text.

News Portal with news, radio and tv streams from Asia, Europe and USA.

Links to news sources worldwide.

Direct links to headlines from CNN and worldwide news sources, weather, editorials, government web sites, US history, and space news.

Index of US and world newspapers, columnists, editorials, and Christian news sources.

News & Current Events Links—Ward Chipman Library   [New Window]

News directory from University of New Brunswick   [New Window]

Links to news sites, columnists and opinion pages. Worth a visit.

News around the world including feeds and loads of news links.

Collection of news feeds from leading sources and links to main news sites worldwide.

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