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Simple search from the University of Michigan - Museum of Zoology. There is also an advanced search where you can search the species accounts of the Animal Diversity Web. To search the entire site, use the simple search.

A searchable database designed to give the user access to family safe, animal related sites. There are two ways to navigate this site. The first is using the search window. The second is by clicking down through the categories.

Beaucoup     [New Window]

A searchable directory of animal related sites. Just click on a category and go through the annotated listings. If you don't find it, whatever page you're on will have the category list (panel at the left). Click on a new category. You are always no more than one click from a list of links which take you directly to the search sites themselves.

Ability to do searches on dog's breed based on the desired characteristics of size, intelligence level and its suitability for kids. Provided by

Search dog info on breeds and dogs care.

"The biggest dogs related search engine". Comprehensive dog related search service with a browseable directory, plus information on breeds, dogs shows, dog sports and free services.

A comprehensive directory of horse-related sites. There are 18656 sites in The HayNet.

According to Pets-World, this is "the only animal search engine you need to know!"