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Subject Guides or Directories as they are sometimes called can be a gold mine of information if you happen to find the right one for your topic. How subject guides/directories are organized is listed below.

Human-selected sites picked by editors or sometimes experts in a subject

Often carefully evaluated and kept up to date, but not always — probably not if large and general

Organized into hierarchical subject categories

Often with explanatory notes and/or descriptions, like this directory (not in Yahoo!)

Can browse subject categories or search using broad, general terms

There are NO full-text of documents. Searches need to be less specific than in search engines, because you are not matching on the words in the pages you eventually want. When searching Directories you are searching only the subject categories and descriptions you see in its pages.

This directory and its search forms, top and bottom of each page, is an example. However, with this directory you can narrow your search by selecting a category to search.

Subject Directories Specializing In "Gateway Pages"   

There are a few subject directories that collect, almost exclusively, guides by experts in subject and then organize them by subject. If all you want are pages of this type, they can be a valuable resource. These are called "Subject Guides" or "Gateway Sites" (both terms may be used here) and are listed here with Subject Directories. They are a subset—a special type—of "subject directory".

General & Academic Subject Directories

Use this site for academic research at the undergraduate level and above. You will fins a collection of web pages, databases, links to full-text publications and organizations.

A guide of selected resources, an informal reference guide.

An annotated directory of sites dealing with ancient Greek ships, shipbuilding, naval warfare, and Greek maritime history.

It's called—"Internet Resource Guide"—and is organized by Dewey decimal classification. Not searchable. Many good resources. Annotated and rated for reading level. Browse by subject categories.

A collection of (mostly academic) subject guides. Not annotated, but rated (5 checks the highest) for content, design, and more. Browse or search, using AND, OR, NOT, and * for truncation. Keep searches broad.

Subject Category List and the Helsinki mirror site of the Internet Directory for Botany - Alphabetical List have been closed.

BUBL LINK is the name of a catalogue of selected Internet resources covering all academic subject areas and catalogued according to DDC (Dewey Decimal Classification). All items are selected, evaluated, catalogued and described. Links are checked and fixed each month. LINK stands for Libraries of Networked Knowledge.

A directory of business and management courses for undergraduates and postgraduates in the UK. Joint project of the Association of Business Schools and Biz/ed.

Over 20,000 annotations. Compiled by university & college-level, academic librarians of the UC campuses.

Librarians Index to the Internet

The Librarians' Index to the Internet (LII) is a searchable, annotated subject directory of more than 8,600 Internet resources selected and evaluated by librarians for their usefulness to users of public libraries. LII is used by both librarians and the general public as a reliable and efficient guide to Internet resources.

Use " " for phrase searches(term definition). Boolean logic (term definition) AND implied between words. Also accepts OR and NOT, and ( ). Accepts Truncation (term definition) Use * and also stems. Can turn stemming off on both basic & advanced search pages.

About 8,000 of the best internet resources chosen by Scout Report editorial staff of information specialists. About half are cataloged and organized by LC classification (Advanced Search area).

Founded by Peter and Julie Bradshaw back in 1996, was one of the first Web sites to engage real people ("Contributing Editors") rather than software (search engines) to find, review, and publish links to the best content that the Internet has to offer. Today, hosts a community of writers and readers as well as a Best-of-Web Directory that attracts over 1 million unique visitors each month, over 350,000 registered Members, and 1,500 Contributing Editors. This global team writes and publishes over 2,500 articles on hundreds of topics each month, adding to our existing catalogued archive of over 40,000 articles on everything from astronomy to writing online.

Internet Resources by Subject. A collection of links to many Internet resources on many academic disciplines selected by UC Berkeley Library subject-specialists.

Links to year 2000 presidential aspirants' official and unofficial sites.

An alphabetized list of websites on wars.

A guide to online resources.

A directory with links to sites on conflicts, treaties, and people.

Links mostly covering old torture equipment, the Inquisition, and witch hunting.

A directory of announcements of meetings, courses, and workshops by date, subject, and continent.

Direct links to over 500 online magazines listed by subject.

You can find home pages of finance professors around the world, plus ratings and pointers to online educational materials and research.

Subject guides (mostly academic) on many subjects. Not annotated or evaluated. Many excellent. Browsing by subject category or alphabetical list recommended. Search often misses things.

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