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In a traditional affiliate program (Amazon.com is referred to as a traditional affiliate program) the merchant invests time, money and resource in creating and managing its own program. They recruit, track sales and send out commission checks at the end of the month.

An Affiliate Network is a third party company carrying out the function of managing the program and acting as a middle man between you "the affiliate" and the merchant. When you sign up with an affiliate network, you have access to numerous merchants at one place.

Affiliate Networks have two types of clients, the affiliate and the merchant. They provide the affiliate with a choice of quality programs and they provide the merchant with a network of quality affiliates.

Signing up with an affiliate network is usually fairly straight forward:
    1. Complete an online application
    2. Wait for a confirmation eMail confirming your approval
    3. Get the various links that you will use.

The monitoring of statistics (sales and traffic) is made easy because you visit one site to monitor the stats of all programs you join.

With some affiliate networks, you will get one check for all programs. This makes a difference in your banking procedures. Otherwise you have to keep track of all payments from the programs you have joined.

Listed below are several Affiliate Networks.This list is by no means a complete listing of affiliate networks. If there is one I have left out that you feel should be here, please eMail me the link.

Affiliate-Associate Networks

LinkShare pioneered online affiliate marketing, and today runs the largest pay for performance affiliate marketing network on the Internet.

LinkShare hosts a password-protected Web site that offers affiliates a choice of hundreds of merchants' programs. On the site, affiliates can join new programs, get links to put on their sites, and get reports about how their links are performing and how much they have earned.

With over 10 million partnerships in the network it is the most successful pay for performance network of its kind.

AffiliateWindow.com is a new affiliate network based in the U.K. Good selection of merchants paying out in U.K. pounds.

"You can also earn money from signing up new recruits to the network. They pay you 5% of all sales your recruits earns, FOR LIFE!"

Banner Women   [New Window]

Offers free promotion for your web site on a banner exchange network exclusively for women.

Be Free, Inc.   [New Window]

Offers 360 affiliate programs, with over 3.5 million affiliates participating.User interface is not the easiest to work with, but some programs require you to use this system, so don't exclude them.

As a ClickBank reseller you can earn cash by recruiting new merchants

As a ClickBank reseller you can earn cash by recruiting new merchants, new affiliates, and new resellers to the ClickBank network. You receive a portion of every sale, every sales commission, and every signup bonus your recruits make for one full year after the day they sign up. Refer as many affiliates, merchants, and resellers as you like. Earnings will appear in the bonus column in your stats.

A tool to help webmasters join multiple affiliate programs.

Most programs are pay-per-click, however there are also pay-per-sale and pay-per-lead programs available.

Offers over 1000 affiliate merchants to choose from.The most extensive network of affiliate programs on the Internet.CJ.com has paid out over ten million dollars to its affiliates, and makes payments monthly. If you sign-up for several affiliate programs under them, you will be paid every month in one convenient check from Commission Junction.

Easy to use Lead Network with live 24/7 statistics, free fully managed mailing list.

Directory of affiliate networks and various affiliate programs.

They state; "We will proactively recruit affiliates that will display and sell your products utilizing our huge and growing database of market-segmented potential affiliate sites. Then, the best and most applicable sites on the Web will be "invited" to become sellers....."

From their site - "The I-Clicks network is one of the highest paying banner Networks on the planet. Established in 1999, I-Clicks has served the publication needs of thousands of web sites by providing high quality - content rich media advertising. The Network is growing daily and will become one of the Industries premier advertising networks".

Earn extra money by placing banners on your site, and it's free to join.

Reseller and Affiliate Network allowing webmasters to earn money from a number of companies. Companies create their own reseller program free of charge.

Bach Systems/onResponse.com states: "With the highest payouts in the industry and only accurate statistics that are always in the favor of our affiliates, we will consistently offer the highest rewards for affiliation and advertising with onResponse.com."

Make money with your homepage, mail, and the internet. Free homepage information. Get your webpage and make money with it.

A network of pay-per-lead and pay-per-sale sponsors on a variety of topics and with combined payment and tracking across all merchants.

Programs to promote free and trial offers which pays webmasters by leads generated.

Affiliate network providing multiple pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead, and pay-per-click programs for webmasters. Free affiliate software for merchant's marketing programs.

Webmasters can earn up to 20 cents a click and up to $20 a lead for putting banners or text links on websites or newsletters. Complete online reporting.

ukaffiliates.com   [New Window]

ukaffiliates.com was the 1st affiliate network in the U.K. Wide selection of merchants and pay out in U.K. pounds. The network and all of its merchants operate over 2 tiers.

A pay-per-click network (Banner Advertising). A network of over 20,000 web sites paying five to twenty cents per click.

Works on per click, lead or sale. You also earn 5% of the commissions of those you refer.

Websponsors.com is owned and operated by Webclients.net, Inc., a technology company based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. In the last few years Webclients.net, Websponsors.com's parent company paid out millions of dollars in ad revenues to its websponsors.com affiliate webmasters.

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