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Review Sites and Third Party Affiliate Sites

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3Links has removed their review page and now only list only three programs. Probably ones they are promoting (have joined).

Their top ten, lists what they feel are the best overall affiliate programs on the Internet, not the ones that make our site the most money. You won't find just two-tiered programs, although there are some, and you won't just find just web site promotion programs, although you will find one, and they claim "it really works". "What you will find are programs that you can implement on your site, and make money with".

Mr. Sobel states up front..."AffiliateAdvisor.com is NOT an affiliate or associate program directory. It's a resource for merchants and affiliates who want to make more money by participating in the explosive growth of affiliate marketing". There is a short list of top picks, Recommended Programs, Programs to Avoid, Suspect Programs and Unrated Programs.

More A web directory than a review site.

"Updates on the affiliate programs who pay, and the programs who don't. Techniques for promoting your website successfully".

Reviewed affiliate programs and related marketing services.

Affiliate-Ranking.com is A web directory of Affiliate Programs ranked by Click, Lead, Sale and 2-Tier. Lists the top 100 Affiliate Programs and top 10 Affiliate Networks.

ClickQuick.com claims to be the Internet's definitive guide to affiliate, pay-per-click, pay-per-lead and pay-per-impression programs. ClickQuick.com individually reviews each program with expert care. They like to think of theirselves as the 'Consumer Reports' of affiliate programs, helping webmasters find out which programs really work, and which should be avoided.

Detailed reviews of affiliate programs, pay-per-click programs, two-tier programs, sponsor programs and revenue generating opportunities on the web today. If you are looking for affiliate programs or other source of generating revenue with your site, look no further. Listed here are the top affiliate programs, pay per click programs, and more! Each is looked at carefully, and judged according to their rating standards.

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