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W3C Schools    [New Window]

HTML or HyperText Markup Language is a set of standards used to tag the elements of a hypertext document. HTML is the standard protocol for formatting and displaying documents on the World Wide Web and other places, such as E-Books. The best place to learn HTML, in my opinion, is the World Wide Web Consortium or W3C Schools.

HTML Cheat sheet   [New Window]

HTML Cheat sheet from Web monkey. Click on Print in your browser's menu to print a copy.

HTML & CSS for Beginners   [New Window]

Learn the building blocks of HTML and CSS in order to create and style your first web page from scratch.

A Guide to HTML and CGI   [New Window]

By:  Mike Smith M.A. , University of Brighton UK. Covers basic HTML as well as creating forms and frames. CGI scripts & Java are also included.

Active Jump HTML Tutorial   [New Window]

Featured are short lessons on basic HTML topics. A practice pad is located on each lesson page.

Advanced HTML for Beginners   [New Window]

Contains basic and advanced HTML tutorial aimed at beginners. Also offers a complete HTML tag list, help forum, resources, and tools.

Beginner's Tutorial for HTML   [New Window]

Covered are the basic HTML tags, organized by topic.

Chris' HTML Tutorial   [New Window]

Covers HTML topics from web page layout to using tables. A section on adding basic meta tags is included.

Draac's HTML Help   [New Window]

Features an easy to follow approach to learning HTML for use in email and web pages. A help discussion board is also included.

Free HTML Class    [New Window]

Lessons, quizzes, and projects related to the Free HTML class. Learn HTML by email or from the online course outlines presented here. The articles and information listed on this page will help you learn HTML quickly and effectively. You can also receive this class by email in either weekly or daily installments. 2

How to Learn HTML   [New Window]

Short, focused tutorial that concentrates on the needs of the absolute beginner.

How Web Pages Work   [New Window]

By How Stuff Works. "HowStuffWorks got its start in 1998 at a college professor's kitchen table" 1. Today it boasts nearly 40 million visitors to the site each month. . Easy to follow lessons on using basic HTML tags. A practice notepad is included for each lesson.

HTM Hell   [New Window]

Tutorials on how to use basic HTML tags. Included are copy and paste JavaScript codes, resource links and web page design tips. "These easy-to-follow tutorials were written specifically for first-time HTML writers:"

HTML Basix   [New Window]

Covers the basic HTML tags and how to use them in making a webpage.

HTML Cookbook   [New Window]

A beginner's HTML workbook available via download.

HTML Developers Page   [New Window]

Guide to HTML basics, including tags, fonts, images, tables, and frames.

HTML Email Starter   [New Window]

Explains how to add a background, images and sound to an email. Covers how to change text color and size.

HTML for Rookies   [New Window]

Easy to follow tutorials covering the basic HTML tags. Frames, forms and meta tags are also discussed. Includes a short HTML tags list and a special characters list.

HTML for the Conceptually Challenged   [New Window]

A very basic tutorial, plainly worded, for people who hate to read technical instructions.

HTML Goodies Tutorials   [New Window]

Basic HTML tutorials put into logical categories by industry expert Joe Burns.

HTML Help   [New Window]

Briefly discusses basic HTML tags with some illustrated examples.

HTML Help   [New Window]

Features easy to follow tutorials on the basic HTML tags.

HTML Help Central   [New Window]

Features very easy to understand lessons on most of the main HTML tags used in creating a webpage. Nice and easy to follow navigation. A color chart is included.

HTML Lite   [New Window]

Covers topics from the basics of HTML to frames and forms.

HTML Made Really Easy   [New Window]

Explains the structure of HTML quickly and clearly and shows through examples how to build a web page.The whole tutorial is about 14 printed pages.

HTML on the Run: Accelerated HTML Course   [New Window]

Covers the very basic tags in a quick and easy manner.

HTML Spot   [New Window]

A tutorial devoted to the easy teaching of the HTML language. Basic and advanced HTML tags are discussed as well as Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScript.

HTML Tips, Help and Examples   [New Window]

Features easy to follow lessons that teach by example. Includes copy and paste codes, a color chart and a basic HTML code generator.

HTML Tutorials   [New Window]

Features very basic HTML lessons. An hexidecimal color chart and reference page is also included.

HTML Tutorials   [New Window]

From a personal page on an Australian server. Basic HTML tutorials as well as a tutorial for frames. An HTML tag list is included.

HTML Tutorials by John Gilson   [New Window]

Features well presented basic and advanced HTML lessons, covering from changing text color to imaps. JavaScript is introduced. There are 21 free lessons and 17 premium lessons.

HTML Tutorials for the Complete Idiot   [New Window]

Dedicated to helping people create their own webpages. HTML lessons written in plain English featuring tips, tricks, and techniques.

HTML Wizards Corner   [New Window]

Basic lessons covering changing text size and color, adding images, and using hyperlinks. Lists graphics resources. Has a link exchange.

HTML: A Guide for Beginners   [New Window]

Covers the basic tags used in page building. Includes illustrated examples and a short HTML tag definition list.

HTML: An Interactive Guide for Beginners   [New Window]

Covers the basic HTML tags. Includes a practice notepad.

Ian's Guide to Web Site Design   [New Window]

An introduction to HTML for beginners, covering basic HTML as well as tables and frames. HTML   [New Window]

Basic lessons on webpage layout, fonts, backgrounds, links and tables. Includes a special characters list, meta tag generator and additional resource links.

Introduction to HTML   [New Window]

A step by step HTML tutorial, with a quiz at the end of every chapter.

Introduction to HTML   [New Window]

Easy to learn lessons on HTML. Some advanced HTML topics and other programming languages are discussed. Also, included are lessons on getting webpages listed with search engines.

Ken's HTML Tutorial   [New Window]

Lessons covering basic HTML tags as well as forms and frames. Includes a meta tag tutorial.

Learing to Build a Website   [New Window]

Using the basic HTML tags such as font size and adding links.

Learn HTML   [New Window]

Features lessons covering basic HTML as well as frames. Included is a short lesson on how to add meta tags to a webpage.

Learning HTML: A Beginner's Guide   [New Window]

An HTML tutorial for beginners. Includes a tag list and freebie resources.

MTMR: HTML 101   [New Window]

A short course to teach the basics of HTML. The courses is broken into logical topic sections called modules.

NCSA: Beginner's Guide to HTML   [New Window]

A beginner's guide to HTML that has many sections on using HTML tags for web pages. Some advanced topics such as making forms and using Cascading Style Sheets are discussed. Tutorial can be downloaded.

Netpedia HTML Tutorials   [New Window]

Covers the basic HTML tags from what HTML tags are to how to use them with attributes.   [New Window]

How to Make a Webpage - Detailed lessons on the basic HTML tags. Written by Joe Barta.

Plain English HTML Tutorial   [New Window]

Features easy to follow HTML lessons. Covers frames, tables, fonts, and webage design. Includes technical support.

Roxy's Renditions: Web Page Help   [New Window]

Basic HTML information, which is written in a concise format.

School of Web Design   [New Window]

Easy to follow HTML lessons for the beginner and the advanced user. Quizzes are included at the end of each section.

Squish's HTML Help Page   [New Window]

Includes basic HTML lessons for beginners.

Teach Me Tutorials: HTML   [New Window]

Basic and some advanced HTML tags are quickly covered in this tutorial.

The HTML Pit Stop   [New Window]

Lessons on many beginning and advanced HTML topics. Includes tutorials on using HTML to resize images and use forms and frames.

Web Design 101   [New Window]

Learn how to make a professional looking web page with these free HTML and CSS lessons.

Web Diner HTML Adventure   [New Window]

Beginner's HTML tutorials covering the basics of setting up a webpage. Some webpage templates are available for use.

Web Knowledge Online: HTML   [New Window]

Lessons covering the basic HTML tags as well as tables and frames.

Web Page 101   [New Window]

Basic HTML tags are discussed. File creation and notepad access are discussed for the Navigator and Internet Explorer browsers.

Web Page Teacher   [New Window]

Fee based downloadable HTML tutorial. A free thirty day trial is also available.   [New Window]

Teaches basic HTML in order to add style to a webpage.

Webmonkey: HTML Basics   [New Window]

Easy to follow HTML tutorials divided by topics.

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