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1st Four Links devoted to New Window Code Generators - Click Here
Next are various sites with Cut & Paste Scripts - Click Here

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"This Javascript code generator will let you easily create hyperlinks that pop up in new windows. You can control the positioning of the new window and which menus and buttons are available. Fill in the fields and let this page do the html for you. Then copy and paste the code into your own web document."

"When you hit the "Test New Window" button, a new window will pop up. At the same time the code is generated below. If the test window is what you expected, you can copy the code and insert it into your own page." -[A.M. Thomas; AndyWeb]-

NOTE: The [NewWindow] you see on this site is HTML using target="_blank" ex.:
<a href="http://www.dot.com/" target="_blank">.

Fill out the specifications of the pop up window you would like to use, including the URL and the various options such as menubars, toolbars, scrollbars, etc, and click the generate button. Just add this generated code to your site.

Using this generator from iBoost is as easy as:

1. Fill in all the text area boxes and check boxes 2. Click on the "Create Code" button 3. Copy and Paste the code in the "Final Code" box

"Popup windows rank high in the top ten of annoyances on the web. If you do decide to use popup windows, try to use them in the most effective and user friendly way possible.

This code generator can not create popup windows that automatically open when your page loads. This method has given popup windows the bad name it has today. Plug-ins and browsers allow users to prevent windows from being opened automatically. Relying purely on windows opening with the onload method is not user friendly or reliable." -[Metalusions 2002]-

The code used in this article extends well beyond the limited scope of windowing. 20 Javascript window tips ("..Multi-window Web sites can enhance or diminish the user experience: users either find themselves nimbly negotiating an intricate site or entering a complicated nightmare. The tips in this article help Web builders make the most of JavaScript's windowing capabilities to avoid the pitfalls of lame windowed Web design.") -[CNET; Builder.com]-

There is 9 scripts, 5 on this page. Click on script name to see how code acts or click on graphic to get code. Scripts Iiclude:
Auto Popup Window; Automatically opens a small popup window and closes it after a specified time.
Browser; (Internet Explorer Only) Create a browser window within an existing browser window. Allows you to uniquely provide custom links and navigation.
Center Expand; Grab your visitors attention with this script. It centers the browser window and expands to fill the screen!
Customized Popup; Allow your visitors to have a popup page on your site appear exactly as they want! They can customize the width, height, and placement of a popup window on your site before the window is opened.

At this site you'll find over 300 free working JavaScripts that you can easily cut and paste onto your pages. There are also online tools here that let you create your own JavaScripts. Categories include page effects, site navigation, status bar effects, time related scripts and more.

"One of the oldest and most respected Web development sites (since 1995) WebReference.com, one of the Web sites created by Athenia Associates and now owned by INT Media Group, Inc., is about the Web and Webmastery."

DHTML scripts. Categories here include menus & navigation systems, document effects, scrollers, image effects, links & buttons, clocks, text animations and more.

They claim to be "the largest Javascripts repository online, containing thousands of Javascripts". Each script is available for Download - for free! Searchable directory of JavaScripts or you can browse the archive here.

At this site you can find free applets, tutorials, free zines, forums and JavaScript resources. Applets here include counters, clocks, games, search engines, menu & navigational applets, music and sound applets, slideshows, scrollers & ticker tapes and text animations. There are also interesting applets for manipulating images to create cool effects.

The JavaScript Source is an excellent JavaScript resource with tons of "cut and paste" JavaScript examples for your Web pages. All for free!

Lots of JavaScripts, Javascript tutorials, applets, web tutorials, DHTML and moreLearn how to use JavaScript to open, close and manipulate windows with their featured tutorial.

A site with discussion groups, tutorials and hundreds of JavaScript examples. Search for a script or use the NavBar to left to find a script.

There are now 789 JavaScripts available at this site which are powered by JavaScript Kit.

Searchable directory of scripts that contains tutorials, FAQ's, articles, and many other resources. JavaScript Search is part of the DevStart.com Web Developers Network.

JavaScript resource. Each script is described and has instructions for implementation. Categories include scripts for browsers, forms, frames, images, links, timing and windows.

JavaPowered.com offers hundreds of free Java applets. Each listing here is accompanied by a description and preview. Categories include games, text, utilities, FX, image, navigation and more. There's also a nice assortment of Flash resources here, too.

Lasso yourself some cool and useful free JavaScripts at this fast-loading, helpful site. Here, you'll find JavaScripts for pop-up images, mouse-over effects, clocks, scrollers, dates, menus and more. Just cut and paste the scripts you want. The site includes tuturials and instructions for implementing the scripts.

MyFreeToolbox.com   [NewWindow]

This useful free service lets you easily create personalized JavaScripts instantly by simply filling out a series of online forms. JavaScripts you can create here include a drop-down menu generator, a rollover text link generator, a message box maker, a rollover image maker and many more.

There are 95 examples offered here, categorized by subject.

JavaScript Directories and Tutorials

The JavaScript Directory is full of various tutorials and examples to help you find what you need.

A guide to free scripts, tutorials, and resources.

Nice examples with demos so you can see how they work. Owner claims to be 17 years of age, however the writing suggests otherwise (my opinion). If you are learning JavaScript, this is a good start.

A searchable directory - Categories are to the left and right sides of the page.

Computers > Programming > Languages > JavaScript

The Open Directory JavaScript listings Powered by Google. View in Google PageRank order Click here to view in alphabetical order.

A searchable directory of JavaScripts.

A small collection of sites which have collected some hints, examples or links to other sites with respect to JavaScript. There is also a collection of links to Documentations about JavaScript and related topics.

Computers and Internet > Programming Languages > JavaScript

Search this Directory or just a Section (Category) of the Directory

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