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Most free email providers will show you advertisements, either graphical banners that you see as you collect your mail from their site, small text messages that appear at the end of your email messages or advertiser messages that are sent directly to your emailbox. Some smaller providers offer free email as a community service, without any advertising whatsoever. Finally, some large sites offer free email as an attempt to lure visitors back to the site again and again.

Usually there is no catch... unless you count having to read advertisements a catch. A few email services get a bit carried away sending you lots of advertisements.

You need to remember that the Web changes very quickly, and some providers disappear from one day to the next. If possible, give your most important contacts a second way to get in touch so that they will never lose contact with you.

Can you have more than one free email address? Sure! I found one site with over 600 free e-mail listings (see eMail Directories) and if you wanted to you could sign up with all of them... you'd probably get slightly confused, though.

You don't even have to own a computer to get an email address. That's right! You only need access to one. If you can visit a public library, cybercafe or even have a trusted friend with an Internet connection then you're in business. If you don't have your own computer, you're probably better off using a web-based email service... that way, you can log in from anywhere!

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