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Article - Co-location versus Dedicated by: Zak Boca

With the online industry primarily at a halt (or an amazing stand still at best,) e-business economists are struggling to reduce operating costs for their respective companies. For the dot coms thriving on high traffic, there is no doubt efforts have been put towards trying to reduce hosting or bandwidth costs. As the Internet server hosting market has evolved, many companies have focused a great deal of time into determining the cost advantages and disadvantages of collocation over dedicated serving. After a bit of research, we have established that collocation is not always the most cost efficient choice. For instance, if you chooses to co-locate, you first must purchase all of the hardware (a server - worth between $2,000 and $5,000 low-to-mid end.) You could easily have already spent $8,000, but keep your checkbook handy. We still have seven day support to pay for incase something goes wrong with our server, but your monthly fee may be significantly lower than what a same-range dedicated server would cost you (depending on the plan, of course.)

However, if you already own the hard ware, it may be wise to simply ship it to your local data center and co-locate it. This option is especially attractive when you are knowledge in the hardware and software running on your system. For the rest of us, who don't own hardware and cant afford to buy hardware, we'll be stuck paying for dedicated servers.

Co-location can be compared to dedicated servers as buying a home and paying property tax to renting an apartment. Both have their advantages, but they vary person to person, company to company. The only real way to know what you are getting into is to sit down and do the math. Co-location is more expensive right away, and cheaper in the long run. Dedicated servers are more expensive in the long run, but cost less in the short run.   [New Window]

Shared Hosting:
Manage every aspect of your domain through your own control panel. 20ghz of bandwidth and 350mb of storage for only $9.95 provides plenty of room for you and a friend.

500MB 27GB Web Hosting for only $9.95/month with no contracts. PHP4, MYSQL, CGI, SSH all included.

BackBoneInternet   [New Window]
Excellent Tools and Support

Site Hosting from $9.00 per month -- Domain Name Registration from $16.00 per year !! Every aspect of your Web site hosting is covered, they even offer a complete and easy to use Control Panel as well as FrontPage 2000 extensions, FTP access, cgi directory, Web & POP Email, and site statistics with every webhosting plan. With Backbone Internet web hosting, every domain account comes with its own "real" and "unique" IP address. For Complete Web Site Hosting Solutions at Backbone Internet Click here.   [New Window]

You may find this one hard to beat. Both shared and dedicated servers.

Shared Hosting: To manage every aspect of your domain through your own control panel. 20gb of bandwidth and 350mb of storage for only $9.95 and you get PHP4, MYSQL, CGI, SSH all included. This would provide you and a friend with plenty of room (Share $9.95 = $5 each).

Dedicated Servers: provide you with a high end, managed dedicated server system adequate to serve millions of hits a month. Systems starting as low as $175/mo.   [New Window] is the Internet and Web hosting division of Allegiance Telecom, a national telecom company offering voice service to over 70,000 customers. A full-service provider of Web hosting and Internet connectivity services.

NetFirms   [New Window]

Our free web hosting service is easy-to-use for beginners yet flexible enough for advanced webmasters requiring Perl/CGI, SSI, and Flash capabilities.

AnyDotDomain   [New Window]

For a limited time they offer: Register or Transfer domains for only $11.95 Per Year and receive first 3 Months of free Unlimited web space hosting. Plus there is no setup fee. Offers: Unlimited web space, Unlimited POP3's, Unlimited eMail's, Free CGI Scripts, Perl 5, PHP, MySQL, 128 bit SSL Server, Frontpage Wxt., Web Panel, plus more...

Affordable Host   [New Window]

STARTING at $25 per YEAR! Quality hosting since 1997. 10% discount available only from Web Host Directory. "Our customers stay because of our attention to customer support."

DellHost   [New Window]

Run your Web site with the power and expertise of DellHost, at extremely affordable rates, and maximize your site's uptime, reliability and profits!

Planet Hosting   [New Window]

No Money Upfront! No Setup fees!, FREE domain name, FREE 30 day trial,500MB, Microsoft Access ODBC, ASP, visitor stats, web based email, one-on-one support.

Apollo Hosting   [New Window]

Fast, reliable web servers, REAL 24/7 tech support, free design software and much more. Quality Low Cost Web Hosting. "Find out why we are voted #1."

Dialtone Internet   [New Window]

Click here for fast setup and free consultation! Servers come equipped with Linux, Windows 2000/NT or FreeBSD, select your OS today!

Superb Internet Corporation   [New Window]

Affordable web hosting, with fast, fully redundant connectivity, real-time server monitoring, 100% uptime and dedicated 24x7 live customer support. "Superb Internet is truly a global presence, with customers from around the world. At the moment we host over 250,000 domain names, as well as companies such as Intuit, Ensim, World Health Organization, Ogilvy Interactive and Philips to name but a few."   [New Window]

Specialized Hosting - Winner of Award of Excellency for outstanding service. Cobalt RaQ 4i Servers-256mB RAM & 175GB transfer.


iQuest Web Design & Directory   [New Window]

iQuest Web Design & Directory has affordable and professional website packages to fit your small business and personal needs. All sites come with free hosting, domain registration, maintenance and update, and search engine submission. Reciprocal links and directory submission are free.