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Children of the Nile Scenarios

Hukah\'Darah: The Crook of the Gods (Release)

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Description: Story:

It is a trying time for the people of Egypt, old alliances are forgotten, raiders in the desert kill for their own selfish fortune; no longer are mighty tombs built. The kingdom has slowly degenerated to nothingness.

The night of your coronation to being Pharaoh, you had a dream, that there was an island in the delta that Ptah had claimed from Osiris, to give to you, so that you may build a great industrial trading city. You would restore old trading alliances, discover rich sources of valuable goods, and begin the construction of a mighty tomb once more. But above all, you must honor the Gods by giving the people of Egypt a purpose again!

Build a medium Pyramid.

-Trading and industry intensive level
-Initial lack of cedar will make it hard to construct temples on the main island
-Trading will be unstable at first, but the more established you are, the more firm trading will be.
-Keep an eye on your shop keepers trying to use goods that are required for trading purposes

Thanks to...
Tom Nobles

...You guys helped me out at stages where otherwise I would have probably given up.

Go to TiltedMill Forum (User Created Scenarios) for images .


Reign of Ptolemy II-Philadelphus (peaceful edition)

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For Alexandria City Pac only.

       You will take the Egyptian name, Meryamun Setepenre, which means "Beloved of Amun, Chosen of Re". Your reign can be viewed only as successful, with the expansion of your possessions around the Mediterranean, the internal stability in Egypt, and the fulfillment of many of your father's imaginative projects, such as the Pharos Lighthouse and the Alexandrian University and Library.

      You have control of trade on the Mediterranian. It is time to shift your concentration on the upper Nile and the oasises of the western desert, the "Forty Days Road" and eastern trade. You'll also need to appease the gods by thiting, restoring their temples and building new ones.

      For those of great ambition, the Great Lighthouse & Great Library have been unlocked.

King Of Two Lands

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       The unification of the two lands was the single most important event in Egyptian history. Over 100 years after he was discovered, Horus Narmer (Menes), is still being theorized and spectulated about. How did he unify Egypt, War or Peace?

       Was he of Thinite or rather of Hierakonpolite origins? Was he even of Royal blood? We know that his tomb was built at Abydos although the most important specimens from his reign come from Nekhen -Hierakonpolis- (where they were re-buried centuries after his death).

       There have been found some statuettes and several serekh on vessels or sherds from a lot of sites in Upper and Lower Egypt as well as from the western and eastern egyptian deserts and the Canaanite area. So after 100+ years they have come to the conclusion that he probably existed.

       In this scenario - You decide was it WAR or PEACE! Your choices will show on the WM as War or Peace. Chose wisely. Or play it both ways.

Large Sandbox

A sandbox (freeplay) scenario made using a large (225x225) map. There is an unconditional win trigger for testing or just to see where you stand with population. Just remember to save before sending an envoy.

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Southern Forts

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       Timeline is during the reign of Senusret III. Map is small (160x160) and has total resources. Rating: Somewhere between Easy & Extreemly Easy.

       You will play as Senusret III, the 5th King of the 12th Dynasty. His achievments included building fortresses in Nubia and expanding Egypt's boarders further south then any one ruler before him.

       His predecessors had also established a policy of building fortresses in Nubia, but in order to further secure the area, Senusret III built more fortresses then any of the the other Middle Kingdom rulers.
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